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Complete the assessments within each topical module in a step-wise approach, to gain CME credits and a deep understanding of the subject of your choice.



Grasp the opportunity to listen to a live webcast from one of our events. Ask your questions and have them answered by professionals, enabling you to specialise in an interactive way.



What do our experts have to say about the direction, priorities and challenges in their specialty in the future? Listen to our podcasts to obtain qualified opinions on our multiple disease areas.


Knowledge Exam

Achieve technical understanding on a particular subject by watching a lecture given by one of our experts. You will come out of the lecture with enriched knowledge in a specific issue.

Welcome to the EAACI eLearning Platform

Impactful learning to further develop your knowledge in allergy, asthma and immunology science.

Allergy, asthma and immunology are multi-faceted diseases which require interdisciplinary approaches and a deep understanding. Would you like to increase your knowledge in specific areas in the field? Our EAACI eLearning platform provides you with a series of user-friendly resources towards this aim!

Explore our tailored courses, webcasts, podcasts, lectures and more, to find out about subjects of your interest. Gain CME credits, work towards your personal awareness and discover new insights into the ever-changing landscape of our specialty.
Acquire valuable knowledge with EAACI!

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