T2 clinical phenotypes in the skin - Presentation with Live Discussion & Q&A Webcast

The lecture discusses atopic dermatitis pathogenesis with a focus on the use of biomarkers to separate clinical phenotypes as a basis for the personalized approach. The value of skin profiling for cytokines, barrier function and microbiome as a basis of treatment decisions in the clinic is further discussed. Clinical cases facilitate the understanding clinical phenotyping in atopic dermatitis. Another atopic co-morbidity, alopecia areata, is also presented as an example of T2 driven inflammation in the skin. The combination between T2 and T17 and T1 immune response as a basis of chronicity is explained with examples from targeted interventions in clinical trials and in the clinic.

Emma Guttman


Yassky, Mount Sinai


Recorded 02/15/2022
Recorded 02/15/2022 To be added
Live Q&A
04/05/2022 at 7:00 PM (CEST)   |  30 minutes
04/05/2022 at 7:00 PM (CEST)   |  30 minutes Topic: T2 clinical phenotypes in the skin with Emma Guttman - Yassky Time: Apr 5, 2022 08:00 PM Zurich Join Zoom Meeting